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We operate a team lead system to provide professional and social support to our colleagues

We don’t let go of our team mates’ hands on the day of placement, our team lead system provides them with day-to-day support.

  • The main tasks of our Team Leads are to provide both professional and human support to colleagues working on our clients’ projects.
  • They help to solve problems, achieve individual goals, create a good working environment and, last but not least, support the integration of our experts into the professional team.
  • For larger sites, our Team Leads are also placed at the our client, i.e. they have the right local knowledge, act as a connection between UC Hire Lab and our site staff, thus they represent UC Hire Lab to both the employees and the client.

We ensure continuous performance appraisal of our colleagues, taking into account customer feedback

Our Team Leads stays in touch with the client’s team and managers and help solve problems, responding promptly to the client’s calls and requests.

  • We ask our clients for regular (bi-annual) evaluations of our employees’ role in the project, their activity and their professional performance. We also incorporate these into training and performance appraisals in response to feedback from our clients.
  • As part of our performance appraisal system, we collect information on our employees’ performance every six months from our clients, managers and direct reports, as well as from the employee’s own performance appraisal.
  • The focus of the appraisal interview is on how the employee feels about the position, what they would like to improve, what problems they are facing.
  • As a result of the performance appraisal, we prepare a development and training plan for our staff. If necessary, we also offer support in solving any problems that may arise. If necessary, we can also help you solve any problems that may arise.

We take great care when selecting and looking for potential candidates who fit into the team not only professionally, but also as people.

Our training system provides our employees with external and internal training as well as internal knowledge transfer. Our training system provides our employees with external and internal training as well as internal knowledge transfer. In addition to project-specific training, we take into account the suggestions of the team lead, the needs of our client and the individual requests of our employees. We provide our employees with the opportunity to participate in professional and language training, conferences, workshops and soft skill training. We also consider it important for our colleagues to participate in training to improve cooperation, communication and problem-solving skills.

Our existing employees have a long-standing, close professional and human relationship with our group, which allows us to provide an even more flexible service by maintaining a stable team.

We ensure that our colleagues integrate into our partner's organisational culture

In the selection process, we also pay attention to the aspects that are crucial for the effectiveness of the cooperation with the client’s colleagues. As part of our onboarding process, we support and provide our employees with detailed information on the following topics:

  • the client’s organisational structure,
  • the client’s core cultural principles and elements,
  • tools and rules for internal communication,
  • relevant workflows and methods used.

The team lead is regularly briefed on the cooperation between our employees and the Client’s team during the onboarding and afterwards, and supports the team in making it more effective.

We organise employees engagement growth programmes

Our HR Engagement team regularly organises a variety of programmes for our employees, giving them the opportunity to relax, recharge and get to know each other beyond the profession. Our cohesive team members are loyal not only to our company but also to each other. As a result, our company has a low turnover rate and our colleagues plan for the long term. This is how we can guarantee that our clients can count on us for stable service.

In addition to team-building events, we also provide support for employees' mental health

We place great emphasis on maintaining the mental health of our staff, with a particular focus on preventing burnout, maintaining and increasing motivation, and keeping internal energy levels high. We regularly organise training sessions on these topics, which any of our colleagues can sign up for, based on their own needs or on a suggestion from their manager.

It is important for us to ensure a good work-life balance, especially when it comes to the specificities of working from home, for example, or to work-life balance. If necessary, a coach and a psychologist are also available.


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