We think differently about
IT recruitment

We believe that there is a better approach to permanent placement, which is to offer our partners the most suitable candidates for the job. In addition to meeting the standard professional requirements, our goal is to provide the highest quality service with our PREMIUM package among all temporary employment agencies.

What does it mean?

If you don’t have the opportunity to expand your workforce but additional professionals are needed to achieve your goals, permanent placement work may be the answer.

In the case of a workforce loan, the IT professional is employed by the lending company (Hirelab), the contract is made with the lending company, and the employer’s rights are shared between the lending and the borrowing company. The lending company is responsible for the management and conditions of the professional work, thus for labor administration tasks, including payroll, the fulfillment of official reporting obligations, and the payment of salaries.

What are the benefits of permanent placement?

It saves time and resources and provides flexible workforce management:

  • If you need staff but can’t hire new people (staffing freeze, can’t hire new people for a particular job, long approval process, etc.), permanent placement work is a solution.
  • Permanent staff are not included in the staffing levels, but the borrower has the right to manage the day-to-day work.
  • The HR and labour burden of a borrowing company is significantly lower than that of its own employees:
  • The recruitment and selection tasks are carried out by our company, at the end of the process our clients only have to choose from the candidates we present.
  • The administrative burden is reduced as all the labour administration is handled by our company.
  • We also take on a significant role in onboarding and engagement tasks.
  • Further cost reduction benefits:
  • Permanent placement work is not a wage cost, it is tax deductible and can be charged as an expense.
  • Only the agreed service fee is payable for the employee.
  • Provides an opportunity to try out professionals
  • If the specialist is successful, our clients can employ our permanent workers after an agreed loan period.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • In the case of temporary placement work, the presumption of a so-called “disguised employment relationship” on the part of the authorities can be avoided, as the form of employment is explicitly tailored to the shared employer’s rights. By using temporary placement work, a possible reprimand or fine can be avoided.


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Temporary Placement registration number: BP/0701/012377-3/2024-1402

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